Providing Healthy Food for Your Family:
Organic, Natural, and Local Foods
with the highest-quality ingredients.

    Our dedicated staff includes several founding members with more than fifteen years of experience helping KNFC customers.

    Our commitment to customer service includes special ordering products for our cusomters, when they are not available on store shelves, research to find specialty products for our members, and telephoning customers when orders come in.

    We put the customer first, so please feel free to ask any staff member for assistance! We are a full service grocery, so if you can't find what you need, please ask one of our friendly staff members!

    Remember: KNFC membership means you are an Owner!

Sheila Harko, Finance Coordinator
Elizabeth Ryan, Buying Coordinator
Jeff Ingram, Facilities Coordinator
Maryjayne Stone, Buyer
Amie Pierre, Delivery Clerk
Heidi Horvath, Clerk
Barb Withee, Clerk
Ben Faulhaber, Clerk
Daniel Ryan, Clerk
Matt, Clerk
Sydney, Clerk
Eric, Clerk