KNFC is a democratic cooperative, aligned with the International Co-op Principles. We operate with annual meetings of the General Membership, where we elect co-op members to a nine-member Board of Trustees, and determine bylaws for the corporation.

   The Trustees select corporate officers from its membership: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The President is responsible for chairing Board meetings, the Secretary for recording meeting minutes and the Treasurer for reporting on store finances. Board members are also required to volunteer in the store on a regular basis.

   The Trustees appoint a Personnel committee made up of one staff member and two community members to assess and recommend employee policy. Other committees include Finance, Outreach, and Facilities. E-mail us to join our Google Group mailing list.

     Our Bylaws were developed during cooperative meetings in the early '90's, and have been revised several times by the General Membership. Download the Bylaws of the Corporation.